Environmentally friendly

Our rinks are 100% ecological. These rinks do not consume energy and do not require a complex piping system.


Our rinks do not require expensive chemical cooling systems and are extremely durable. That makes an artificial ice rink a lot cheaper than a real ice rink.

Eye Catching

Our rinks are beautifully decorated. That's why our ice rinks still attract a lot of people. Ideal and perfect for advertising and promotion.

About us

We are a young, dynamic and responsible company. Born from an idea of creating a socially responsible company. The main purpose of this company is to manifest itself in society both innovatively and as “green” as possible. It is this socially conscious entrepreneurial spirit, combined with the ambition of enabling young people to do something together, that gave birth to this wonderful enterprise.

Through the ice rinks of Global Green Ice, you can play sports in a pleasant way. Possible differences and prejudices during sports activities and games in common can be discussed in an open and relaxed way.

Global Green Ice fulfills this mission by offering magnificent ice rinks.

For each event

Due to its characteristics, the Global Green Ice rink is an ideal solution for amusement parks, shopping malls, Christmas markets, multifunctional centers, sports, TV production, major educational institutions, and any other event.

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Artificial ice rink

Global Green Ice’s artificial ice rink is the most socially responsible way to use a rink all year round. It is for everyone who cares about our environment, and loves to skate or practice other ice-related sports.

Global Green Ice artificial ice rinks are much cheaper than “frozen water” ice rinks,  do NOT use socially irresponsible amounts of energy and water, can be used 365 days a year, are quick and easy to install , are used by skating professionals around the world and allow everyone to get to know a Dutch sport like ice skating and thus to discover Dutch culture in a relaxing and a sporting way.

Advantages of artificial ice rinks:

  • Global Green Ice artificial ice rinks are much cheaper than regular ice rinks.
  • Global Green Ice rinks are 100% ecological.
  • Global Green Ice artificial ice rinks do NOT consume energy.
  • Global Green Ice rinks do not need a complex piping system.
  • The Global Green Ice rink does not need a chemical cooling system.
  • Global Green Ice artificial ice rinks are extremely durable.
  • Global Green Ice rinks are ideal for advertising and promotional purposes.
  • It is not necessary to spray a lubricant such as Glycol on the Global Green Ice Rink to skate.
  • The Global Green Ice artificial ice rink meets all safety standards and is water repellent, resistant to chemicals, UV, magnetism and temperature.