Artificial ice rink rental

Rent a synthetic ice rink at Global Green Ice. We are the market leader in the rental of synthetic rinks in the Benelux. We install rinks of all shapes, in all seasons and in all sizes. Global Green Ice can offer you a very advantageous rate for renting a Global Green Ice rink for a shorter as well as for longer periods.

Important to know:

For starters, it is important that the floor where the Global Green Ice rink will be located is flat. If the surface is not leveled, Global Green Ice will install a leveling sub-floor to ensure optimal skating fun. The Global Green Ice Service team assembles and dismounts the track quickly and professionally. The level of service of Global Green Ice is exceptionally high. The Global Green Ice rink is delivered fully operational by the Global Green Ice Service team.

Skate with elderly and disabled people:

Global Green Ice is socially conscious and realizes that these group of people also want to enjoy the “pleasure of ice”. To do this, Global Green Ice has developed a number of special chairs. These chairs are specially designed for  elderly and disabled people that are quite safe, and can not overturn. If another enthusiastic skater pushes the person into the chair, the elderly or disabled person can also have fun on the rink!

The rental of an artificial ice rink includes the rental of:

  • Enough ice skates in all sizes
  • A skate sharpening machine
  • An ice skating rink washing machine
  • Weekly maintenance by the Global Green Ice Service Team
  • Cabinets for the ice skates
  • Mounting and dismounting of the artificial ice rink
  • Round trip transportation of the ice rink
  • Thereby , you can focus on your guests and we will take care of the maintenance!

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It is also possible to buy an artificial ice rink. Click here for more information

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