Global Green Ice presents: Eisstockschiessbahn !

The rental of Eisstockschiessen has started at Global Green Ice. All those who have practiced winter sports in the alpine countries know it: Eisstockschiessen, this sport or typical game is practiced everywhere in the alpine countries, whenever possible.

What does this sport consist of?

Eisstockschiessen is related to curling. The Eisstock should be launched as close as possible to the Daube. But the Daube must not leave the field of play. If this happens, it will result in penalty points. The goal is to be as close as possible to the Daube (target) with the Eisstock. Each participant has his/her own Eisstock with a  different color, so that the situation of the game is immediately clear.

Rental of an Eisstockschiessbahn at Global Green Ice

Global Green Ice offers you the opportunity to practice this sport / fun game here in the Benelux with real Eisstöcke! We rent the Eisstockschiessbahnen, including curbs, 6 Eisstöcke, 2 Dauben, instructions, etc. In short, everything you need for a fun game of Eisstockschiessen!

The Global Green Ice Eisstockschiessbahn is a high quality synthetic ice rink : 20 meters long and 3 meters wide, so the game can be played ANYWHERE. This Eisstockschiessbahn can be mounted and dismounted quickly and consumes neither electricity nor water.

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