General terms and conditions

  1. General

1.1. These general terms and conditions apply to all offers made by Global Green Ice and to the rental agreements concluded between Global Green Ice and the other party as well as offers and contracts concluded (of assignment) concerning the artists. The other party to these offers and agreements is always referred to hereafter as: the tenant. The application of the general conditions invoked by the tenant is expressly rejected. For diverging agreements, a written confirmation from Global Green Ice is required.

  1. Offers and agreements

2.1. Prices and / or offers are without commitment and apply only to the offer and / or the corresponding agreement.

2.2. The prices and quotations mentioned in the offers and agreements may contain writing errors and / or typographical errors, Global Green Ice is able to correct the prices and quotes, to report it in writing to the tenant. If Global Green Ice has increased the price, the tenant has the right to terminate the contract within 3 months, unless the price increase is motivated by legal provisions.

2.3. The contracts are subject to a written order confirmation from Global Green Ice or an effective execution of the lease by Global Green Ice (at the beginning of this contract).

2.4. The documentation, the use and other advice provided by or on behalf of Global Green Ice are without obligation unless explicitly stated otherwise.

2.5. The tenant, or his representative, is required by Global Green Ice to sign for receipt of the rented object upon delivery.

  1. Payment

3.1. All prices mentioned by Global Green Ice are quoted in euros excluding VAT of 21% unless a contrary indication is written.

3.2. The invoice must be paid before the removal of the rented item from Global Green Ice, or before the delivery of the rented item by Global Green Ice.

3.3. 75% of the total invoice amount must be paid to Global Green Ice within 7 days of the billing date, the remaining 25% must be paid one week prior to the execution date. Unless the permission of Global Green Ice or a written agreement.

3.4. If the tenant, or his representative, does not pay the bill to Global Green Ice within the legal payment terms, the tenant, or his representative, will be liable for statutory interest at the time of defect.

3.5. The costs of recovery, judicial and extrajudicial, occasional of the tenant’s defect , are the responsibility of the tenant or his representative. Extrajudicial fees are estimated at a minimum of 15% of the total amount.

  1. Cancellation

4.1 Cancellation by the tenant is possible up to 24 hours before the execution of the contract. The cancellation must be signed in writing. Global Green Ice will use as cancellation date, the time of receipt of written cancellation.

4.2.1. In case of cancellation between 6 months and 3 months before the execution of the contract, the tenant will be liable for 25% of the total amount agreed.

4.2.2. In case of cancellation between 3 months and 1 month before the execution of the contract, the tenant will be liable for 50% of the total amount agreed.

4.2.3. In case of cancellation between 4 weeks and 1 week before the execution of the contract, the tenant will be liable for 60% of the total amount agreed.

4.2.4. In case of cancellation between 7 days and 24 hours before the excecution of the contract, the tenant  will be liable for 75% of the total amount agreed.

4.2.5. Global Green Ice may charge 100% of the total amount.

4.3. Global Green Ice reserves the right to cancel the contract or change the lease period with the tenant, up to 7 days before signing the contract. The tenant can not deduce any prejudice.

5. Conditions relating to the leased property

5.1. The rented objects remain the property of Global Green Ice and may not be subleased, re-leased or lent without the written permission of Global Green Ice.

5.2.1. The lease can be accompanied or not accompanied at the moment of the delivery.
Accompanied lease means that the company, in addition to providing the leased goods, will also makes people available for the exploitation, the instruction, the maintenance and the follow-up of the goods placed in service and this was agreed as such in writing.

5.2.2. Unaccompanied lease means:  the company will provide the leased goods without the exploitation, the instruction, the maintenance and the follow-up of the goods placed in service by people of Global Green Ice and this was agreed as such in writing.

5.3. In case of unaccompanied lease, the tenant is required to inspect the rented object before commissioning and / or installation to verify that it does not present any defect and / or damage. Any defects and / or damage must be immediately notified to Global Green Ice, otherwise the tenant will be considered as having received the rented object without any defect or damage and the tenant will be responsible for the defects and / or damages noticed after returning back the rented object.

5.4. The tenant is obliged to use the object rented according to the use for which it is intended and to use and watch over it thoroughly. The tenant must take care of the rented property. The rented object must be returned by the tenant to Global Green Ice, in the same state in which the rented object was received as referred to in article 5.3.

5.5. No operation such as painting, sawing, welding, nailing, etc. can be performed on the rented object without the express permission of Global Green Ice.

If the tenant nevertheless performs the prohibited actions in this article and Global Green Ice suffers damages as a result, the tenant is obliged to compensate Global Green Ice for these damages as soon as possible. If, as a result of this damage, Global Green Ice can not or can no longer fully fulfill its obligations to the tenant, the latter can not claim a rent reduction .

5.6. An additional rent day will be charged if the rented property is rented by the day, or , if the rented property is not brought back before 16h20 to the place indicated for this purpose by the renter, or much earlier than agreed. In case of use of the rented property longer than that agreed, the rent continues automatically and the provisions of the rental agreements remain in force. The lessee can not deduce from the foregoing only if a unilateral extension of the lease is authorized.

5.7. To the extent that the provisions of Articles 5.1. at 5.6. deviates from the other provisions of these general conditions, the  articles 5.1. at 5.6. prevail.

5.8. Global Green Ice is authorized to take photos and make  videos during the on-site events and to use it as a promotional material, unless a tenant’s  objection is written  to Global Green Ice prior to the signing of the rental agreement and the execution of the lease.

  1. Location / Accessibility

6.1. The place of delivery of the rented object must be notified in advance to Global Green Ice.

6.2. Unless a contrary indication is mentioned , the location must be freely accessible up to 2 meters on either side of the rink to a truck with an empty weight of 6,500 kg and a maximum total weight of 12,000 kg. The passages through which the forklift must pass must be at least 3.50 m wide and 4 m high.

6.3. If the location is not easily accessible as referred to in section 6.2, this must be reported to Global Green Ice before the execution of the lease.

6.4. Before the start of  the construction, the surface where the product will be installed shall be flat, clean, free of snow and ice, and non-flexible.

6.5. The surface of the place where the equipment will be installed and the access road leading to it must be sufficiently well lit.

6.6. You must ensure a good supply of water and electricity

  1. Liability

7.1. In the event of damages caused to the rented object, the tenant is responsible for the damages (including the commercial losses) whether or not they are caused by the tenant and whether they are or not attributable to him.

7.2. In the case where the tenant organizes himself the transport of the rented object, the responsibility of the tenant and the obligation of the tenant referred to in article 5.5 above start as soon as the rented object has been given and put in the tenant’s disposition.

7.3. Global Green Green Ice is liable to the tenant only for damages suffered by persons and objects other than the rented one, or for a damaged caused by a defect of the rented object and results from an intentional fault or gross negligence from Global Green Ice or its auxiliary persons. This provision applies only in the case where Global Green Ice has an agreement with a natural person who is not exercising a profession or activity as flagged on the Book 6, Title 5, Section 3 of the Dutch Civil Code.

7.4. Except on the basis of the mandatory provisions of law, or the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Global Green Ice is not liable for damages of any kind, whether direct or indirect, including commercial losses, damages to movable or immovable property, or to persons, both on the part of the lessee and third parties. The renter releases Global Green Ice from any liability in the case of third party claims.

7.5. If Global Green Ice is required to compensate the Tenant for damages suffered as a result of the foregoing, such compensation shall not exceed the total of the amounts deducted from his insurance and the payment made by the insurance. Global Green Ice is never liable for damages, other than those mentioned in previous articles, that the tenant may suffer. This limitation does not apply if the damage is the result of an intentional action or gross negligence of Global Green Ice or its executive subcontractors.

7.6. The tenant’s claim for compensation against Global Green Ice under these conditions will end one year after the tenant becomes aware of the damage or could have known about it.

  1. Major Force

8.1. In case of major force , Global Green Ice is authorized, without judicial intervention, either to suspend the execution of the contract, or to terminate it, without being bound by any compensation.

8.2. Major Force means any circumstance in  which the other party can no longer reasonably require the execution of the contract, including : non-compliance by Global Green Ice suppliers with their obligations , transportation difficulties, fires, floods, strikes, work stoppages, import or trade bans, lockouts and other disasters that prevent or limit business operations.

8.3. In the case of adverse weather conditions for the use of the equipment or users and / or supervisors, Global Green Ice may discontinue the use of the rented equipment. If therefore the beginning of the terms of use can not take place at the fixed moment, the tenant is not entitled to any compensation and Global Green Ice is not held responsible for the damages that it could undergo.

  1. Termination

9.1. Without prejudice to its other rights, Global Green Ice is entitled without judicial intervention and without notice, either to suspend the execution of the contract, or to terminate the contract as it is, if the tenant: has requested or obtained a suspension of payment;

9.1.2. has been declared bankrupt ;

9.1.3. has breached an imperative or it is foreseeable for Global Green Ice that the tenant might be in breach of it.

9.2. The declaration of dissolution and suspension  is written without Global Green Ice being required to pay any compensation.

9.3. All the claims that Global Green Ice may have or obtain in these cases against the tenant will be due immediately and in full.

  1. Final provisions

10.1. If one or more provisions of the agreements between Global Green Ice and the other party are found to be non-legally valid or not fully valid, the remaining provisions will remain in full force and effect. Instead of provisions that may be invalid, an appropriate arrangement must be put in place and must be as close as possible to the intentions of the parties and the economic outcome they seek in a legally conceivable manner.

10.2. Derogations and / or supplements to these general conditions of sale must be included as special conditions in the rental agreement.

10.3. The contract and all contracts resulting therefrom are governed exclusively by Dutch law.

10.4. Any dispute between Global Green Ice and the tenant will be decided by the court or district court of the place or district / canton in which Global Green Ice is headquartered. This article does not apply if the tenant is a natural person who is not acting in the exercise of a profession or commercial activity as flagged in Book 6, Title 5, Section 3, of the Dutch Civil Code.