School Ice Skating

Global Green Ice helps you in a sporting way for example to help a charity! We set up an artificial ice rink in the schools to ice skate with the kids for your charity. In this way, we can collect money together for the people / animals in need.

Global Green Ice is responsible for :

  • A complete ice rink
  • Skates in sufficient numbers
  • Mounting and dismounting of the track
  • Safe fence of the track
  • Maintenance of the  equipment
  • A guaranteed day of pleasure

How does school skating work?

Children can go on the ice rink in groups. This rink is provided with skates and fences. The children can play ice hockey against each other or just skate. When you skate for a charity event, the Global Green Ice team guides you and gives you the opportunity to play ice hockey with the kids.

The costs of school skating

The costs? Global Green Ice builds the rink based only on baseline costs. The rest of the income goes directly to the bank account of the charity of your choice. Because of these low initial costs, it is possible for almost all schools to organize this ice skating party! Of course, you can also use this action to raise money for your school or organization.

How does money collection work?

Each student receives a sponsorship form and a newsletter about your charity. The student can collect money at home, with family and friends, for example for an hour of ice skating. The money goes directly to the association. In this way, each student brings a certain amount of money to school. It is also a beautiful form of sport stimulation and the students can move pleasantly. Students can play group ice hockey and get to know the sport of Dutch ice skating in a fun way.

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More information ? Contact us to find out when we can install an artificial ice rink in your school and help your charity!

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